Can I send different driver to collect the vehicle?

NO. We recommend you to come and collect the vehicle all the times due to security reasons.

Can I send the details in advance and what are the details

Yes, if you can send the following details by email, so you don’t need to wait longer filling the documents i. Vehicle Book copy ii. Owners National Identification Card (NIC) and the Owners Driving License Copy iii. Residence Prof document for the owner of the vehicle

Do we need to sign an agreement

Yes, you have to fill some details for the vehicle before you leave, we recommend you to be their 15 Mts before your departure

Safety of the Vehicle

You will get a GPS tracking when you park the vehicle and any part of the world you can simply log in and check your vehicle

Can I get my vehicle cleaned when I return?

Yes of course we can do the clean-up on the day of your arrival with an additional charge.

How can I make the payments?

We have 3 payment methods for you.

  1. Pay online via your Credit/Debit Card. (Visa / Master / Amex)
  2. Do a bank transfer and send us the slip by Viber / WhatsApp.
  3. You can pay on the spot when you park the vehicle.

What would be the daily parking price?

You can check the price online.  Just enter your departure date & time and your arrival date & time. Then you'll get the exact amount which you need to pay.

Can I book online?

Yes, you can book online, just fill the ‘BOOK NOW’ and send your details and we will reserved a slot for you in advance.

How can I book a parking lot?

Call our hotline (011 4941 650) or send a WhatsApp message to 076 1414 552 with your vehicle number and the time of your booking.